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“Come il fiume scorre sulla terra tracciando solchi indelebili, così un’essenza. Essa percorre le vie del corpo e della mente lasciando tracce eterne nella memoria.”

Flumen was born with the desire to combine the old Art of Parfum with a more current and evolving concept of Essence. It was founded with the idea of telling the most hidden and authentic feelings, looking for a refined form of communication among emotions.

Flumen’s point of view is a  more intimate one where the Parfum is not only a combination of notes, but it becomes a true instrument of communication.

The Parfum is an extension of personality, of thoughts. It becomes a substitute of words  and it reveals  outside deeper states of mind. 

Complex harmony of notes, to evoke feelings, moments, memories and  features of human personalities.

Flumen includes, in its collection of Jewels, the quality of the ingredients, using natural raw materials, the authenticity of the product, the creation of Parfum to represent the extension of personality and thoughts. The relevant concentration of oil, the highest quantity of essence (more than 35%) and the low alcoholic percentage (that is extracted naturally from flowers and citrus fruit) let you wear and smell your own fragrance all day long.

The Maison decided to look foward from the common artistic perfumery’s limits. Infact it uses complex harmony of notes, with 15/20 essences at least . In this way the notes find, in natural skin scent, the way to blossomi and express the deepest feelings evoked.

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