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Bramato Coraggio

The modern hero. 

It is difficult to remain champions of ourselves, in a world that is ready to devour every reckless enthusiasm. The only way out is to follow our instincts, even when the aim seems impossible and so far away. The energies bow down to the voracity of the time, to  the disappointments, to the failures. Sometimes the summit seems so far away and the breath becomes weaker while climbing. So the Hero arrives and blows to the dusty and intense notes of lichen, the Rose and Patchouli, and to the delicious smell of Vanilla and Passion Fruit. Bramato Coraggio is dedicated to those who are not afraid to dare. The musk, mixed with notes of Egyptian jasmine, with Cherry, Blueberry recreate the wooded scenery of a mountain to climb, counting only on their own forces and almost taste the air that you breathe upon reaching the summits.  A Perfume for those who can be proud of himself, ousting any residual fear, to enjoy, finally, his Bramato Coraggio.

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