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Sorso di Quiete

The quite of soul, the silence, the serenity of a moment. 

Sorso di Quiete is made for the ones who aspire to the pleasure of trying, every day the feeling of being surrounded by the deep peace of mind. In a present wrapped by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, from the trouble, the inability to hear yourself, Sorso di Quiete was born with the intention of recreating the sweet feeling of calm and relaxing. For this reason the Parfum starts with soothing notes of Myrtle, then move on to a heart of coffee, enriched with a touch of chocolate and a hint of orange blossom; these notes recreate the atmosphere of a café, a place where people usually spend time for themselves. Sorso di Quiete is for people looking for a place of escape from reason and from the daily chaos.

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