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Ritratto Notturno

 Watching the Moon. 

The darkness of the night bows down, in silence, to the white light of the Moon: a man is  walking by the seaside, moving away from footsteps imprinted in the sand, as if they  rapresent memories of the day. He is watching the Moon,observing her magnificent pallor, just distracted by earthly light of streetlamps. The Queen of the night isn’t shy, She is sure of her magnificence: She looks at him from the sky, carefully, turning his thoughts into dreams. Ritratto Notturno is a medative Parfum, a real walk on a seaside, a thoughtful way in which you can think about your life, about your past and about your future plans; notes of Musk, Patchouli and Cedar recreate marine scenery while jasmine, salt and Peony fill the air like the gentle breeze that reigns on the shores of a  stormy sea, during a night when the Moon is high in the sky.          

  An introspective journey before the coming of a new day that opens the doors to a new sunrise.

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